Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Talking to yourself

An online friend recently mentioned in blog that she was particularly regretful of saying something. What it was, we don't know, and it's not important. What is important is the fact that we all do it. Unfortunately, some of us do it more than others. I have been endowed by my creator along with some help from the genetic co-mingling of my parents with a reasonable speaking voice as well as the gift/curse of gab. This is a gift in the truest sense in that I did nothing to get it and very little to refine it, it is just there. Perhaps if I did more to refine/improve this gift maybe I wouldn't do so many stupid things with it.

Bottom Line, when you talk, a percentage of those things you say will be stupid. it's unavoidable. Therefore, if you talk a lot, you will say by percentage, a lot more stupid things. I've recently sent in 2 auditions into a radio station to be considered for a temporary morning DJ. I won't get it. In fact, I won't even be considered. One of the problems with the gift of gab is that you require an audience. If you speak into the void of a microphone with no more material than a strippers pasties, you won't have much to talk about.

I'm actually relieved that i'm giving up on that thing. The holiday season is coming up and I'm doing a reading for a book on CD. Those things by themselves will be enough of a drag on my holiday free time.

What do you do when you have said something stupid and you are regrettably smart enough to recognize it? See it for what it is, and MOVE ON. It's at this point that I would like to emphasize: Just because you are a hypocrite, doesn't mean you aren't telling the truth. Nearly every day, I spend some time beating myself up for being stupid. It serves no purpose and I should stop immediately. Unfortunately my brain seems to have a different agenda. It simultaneously offers up a lively track of the dumbest things I have said as well as the dumbest actions from the archive of my mind all the way back to grade school. Don't fall into my trap. When you're brain conspires to sabotage you, fight back and occupy yourself with some constructive activity. Maybe even blogging ;)

Remember; your brain is your tool, not the other way around.

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