Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top 10 Disney/Marvel Crossover titles

So Disney bought Marvel! Yes, yes, I've heard all of the arguments/discussions about how Disney will Ruin Marvel, and take their edge. Marvel has done enough of that with Sony already I believe that Disney will do just fine owning Marvel and give them the stability they need. That being said. I just can't help but think of the great movies/Comic books/Rides that they can come up with now. None of my long winded commentary this time, just a title and a picture.

10. Beauty and the Hulk -

9. The Mousetackular Spiderman.

8. The X-Universal Men

7. Cinderella featuring Thor - Let Melificent taste a little Mjolnir.

6. Lion King 3, Black Panther's Revenge

5. Mary Jane and the 7 lawyers - (even Disney/Marvel would not sue for this design)

4. Disney Princesses get a makeover...X-men Style

3. Tarzan/Daredevil Stunt Spectacular!

2. The Treasure planet/4985 obscure Marvel Characters Parade of the forgotten.

1. Disney's Marvel Adventure!

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