Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 Definitions for the usage of the word Sh!#

This is a family blog so I'm not going to actually use the swear word.  To that point I'm actually not sure about the word that is synonymous with poop and crap to be a swear word when it's related words are not considered a faux pas in decent company.  They all mean the same thing.  Excrement.  And yet it means so much more.  So I will examine the many uses for something that has no use beyond fertilizer.

1. Bull____  - Probably the most used combination this application indicates that someone is acknowledging that they see something for an exaggeration or a lie.  sometimes they will say 'I call bull___ on that' to say they do not believe what they are hearing.

2. ____Head - A derogatory term used to indicate a person acting in a foolish or foolhardy fashion.  Also a term of derision to a subordinate.

3. THE____ - A recent permutation of the word.  This is a descriptive term that calls to attention that someone is currently the best in a social setting ex: "Did you see him dancing?!  He was the ____"  or believes themselves to be  ("Well doesn't he think he's the ____".).

4. Horse____ - akin to Bull____ This term is used to describe something that is patently unfair or wrong.  While it's sister term Bull can also be used in this vein, horse___ is used almost exclusively in this fashion.  eg:  "The boss wants us to pull another allnighter?  That's horse____".  would indicate that you believe the bosses direction but you believe it's unfair.  Had the term bull been swapped for horse, it would have indicated that you didn't actually believe that the boss would suggest something like that.

5. Dumb____ - like ____Head this term is used to describe someone of diminished mental capacity.  This term is used more to apply a description to a past event.  ' Can you believe he did that?  What a dumb____".

6. git yer ____ together - To pack ones possessions up or to organize ones self.  Many times this is used to inform someone that they are moving.  This is only insulting if you assume that the person using the term places small value on the things you own (they probably do).  "Ok, git yer ____ together, we are on the road in 5 minutes"

7. ____Faced - A state of intoxication directly prior to passing out.  When one gets ____Faced it seems to be an advanced state of inebriation.   Still considered enjoyable but also used to describe an intensity of drunkenness to someone else.  "You should have seen him last night.  He got so ___faced, you wouldn't have recognized him".

8. Piece of ____ - Anything of dubious value.  Usually a car.  sometimes shortened to POS.  "How long am I going to have to drive this piece of ____?!?"

9. take a ____ - The actual act of defecation.  Thought of as peculiar when learning English as a second language since the actual act would require you to leave said ____ instead of take it with you.  "Just a sec, I gotta take a _____ before we go"

10. Shoot the ____ - The act of passing time by talking about non business related minutia.  Often used to describe men talking together.  "Awww we were just going to sit around and shoot the ____".  This phrase is a more coarse version of shoot the Bull which is shortened from shooting the Bull____ described above.

Well, I hope I've broadened your horizons.  I've now reached over 100,000 views which for an unadvertised blog is pretty impressive.  Thanks!

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