Monday, October 1, 2012

10 'entitled' people

During the course of our lives, we find that we all feel like we are entitled to something.  Some of us more than others.  Sometimes it depends on our circumstance, other times it depends more on our disposition.  These are 10 entitled people that I've seen,  Not all the people in any given category have the feeling of entitlement, but in a stereotypical way, many do.

10. Exercisers - Specifically those that exercise on the roads and sidewalks.  They seem to think that they have so much right to the pavement that others should simply understand that they need to get out of the way.  These oblivious workout mavens often wander around the road and it's up to you to keep them safe while you ride around in your lazy fuel burning non exercising conveyance.

9. Motorcyclists - I've always liked the idea of a motorcycle.  it seems really exciting.  The problem is, it's small and completely without any kind of protection.  If you wear a helmet, that's probably a good idea.  But they zip around on the road in ways that a car would never dare.  They buzz down the lines during busy traffic and take liberties around the cars that they should be the most careful around.  If motorcycles were invented a year ago, there is NO WAY they would ever be considered street legal.  Yet here they are, legal and driving around like they can't get hurt.  Cars that have bumper stickers that say 'Start seeing motorcycles' should have another one that says 'Start seeing cars'.

8. Kids and Allowance - When kids are young, they have an idea of what allowance is, but they are really not sure about money or anything else.  As they get older and the allowance begins to mean more, they believe that their allowance is a part of a regular program.  When they are taken off allowance and put on chores to earn money, they initially are annoyed that money they once got for just existing now must come by the sweat of their brow.  That's if you're lucky and persistent.  Otherwise, the allowance comes without actual regard to the tasks performed.  If the payment for the 'chores' is not requisite to the task, the kids will not appreciate an actual job where they will likely be paid less for harder work.

7. Artists - When I speak of artists, I do not speak of those that work with different mediums to create artwork both commercial and personal.  I'm talking about the Ar-teest.  Those that believe that their high minded ideas are in fact so important that they can not be bothered with the shackles and trappings of regular life within the species.  I understand the importance of creating representations and points of view.  It's what separates us from the animals.  Art that finds nobody to value it other than the artist is still technically art, may be ahead of it's time, but it is not entitled to much else.

6. College Graduates - It's sad really.  The state of the Wizard of Oz like sheen that Academic Education once enjoyed is on the ropes and probably on it's last legs.  You see, people that used to get their degree would assume that they could find gainful employ.  These graduates believe that they should have employment by force of their certification.  Now that this isn't the case, many decide to default on their loans and leave them for everyone else to pay.  99% indeed.

5. Relatives - There are some relatives that believe that because of their relationship with other members of their blood that they can take advantage of that relationship in any number of ways.  It doesn't happen in every family but it happens in enough of them that it makes the list.  Every family seems to have that member that believes that they are entitled to the resources of everyone else in their family.  After all, if you can't count on family, who can you count on.  Just be thankful you have family, and don't feel entitled.

4. People with God/Not God on their side - Somehow people with convictions that they can't prove specifically seem to believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion.  They blather on about what you should or shouldn't believe in.  As though they've had thoughts that are unique and new to everyone around them.  Their feeling of entitlement is nothing more than to be taken seriously based on what they believe.  I often wonder if this force is actually born of their lack of belief and their desire to continually re-establish it.

3. People that need expertise that you have - I've noticed this in computers, but I think it's probably true in many professions.  If someone needs help and you can give it to them.  They assume that you are duty bound by your knowledge to not only give it to them, but in a way that doesn't make them feel bad about not knowing what you know.  Of course the difference is when the person that expects this also happens to be the person that signs your paycheck.

2. Original Story Fans - This day and age we have come to realize that there are only so many stories to tell. They are all variations on a theme.  The trick is in presenting that tale in a way that seems fresh to the observer.  In the case of movie remakes, there is always an original.  Those fans of the original seem to be entitled to tell people how the remake SHOULD BE.  I've likely been guilty of this myself.

1. Large Campaign Donors - So you want your guy to win.  Bravo.  You want that candidate to win so badly that you actually give that person a bit of your hard earned money.  When you donate a little, you have little or no right to expect any kind of favor from the representative of your choice.  However for some reason if you donate a LOT of money, you seem to think that you have something coming to you.  This is a problem no matter where it presents itself.  This is why Campaign finance reform is so important.

Well, that's the list.  Sorry if it's more toothy than usual, but I guess I'm all out of gummy subjects.  Thanks for reading!

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