Friday, June 22, 2007

First blog...sorry...

This is my first blog for this particular forum. I anticipate that this blog will be far less read than my Myspace blog, since the nature of Myspace is social networking. This forum is akin to a large stadium filled with Pro-Choice/Pro-Life advocates that have been seated alternately and been allowed 1 hour to speak their mind. Lots of noise and very little attention. As a result I feel like I will be able to be far less careful about what I say here because precious few people will read it. I intend to post my prior blogs from my Myspace page here more so I have another place to have them in case a terrorist destroys Myspace and with it, my precious thoughts. By precious I mean rare and irreplaceable. Not necessarily containing any intrinsic or other value at all.

Following this line of thought, I will now post the most clever thing I've heard in a long time from a not recent James bond movie. I paraphrase:

Bond: 'Q, You're more clever than you look'
Q: 'Yes and still much better than looking more clever than you are'

It was so quick and so well placed by John Cleese (of Monte Python fame) that it was barely discernible. It's these pithy quotes that make even the worst of movies enjoyable.