Monday, January 28, 2008

Top Ten Gum

In an attempt to make my Blog more enjoyable, I've decided to make a few changes. First, I'm adding pictures.

It worked for Dr. Seuss.

I'm sure it will work for me.


Top ten lists. They've been around forever, and brought into prominence by David Letterman. Why do people love the top 10 list? I think I've figured it out. It's because very few things in our lives show up in black and white. Instead they come in a variety of grays. As a result, that makes us worry weather or not we are making the right or best decision. Top 10 lists saves us from this problem. They are pre-defined and absolute. We can either say yea or nay. So I now offer a top 10 list.

Top 10 Gum

10. Beemans Clove (Old man gum, I'm not chewing it yet)

9. Guar gum (found in fine foods everywhere as a thickening agent)

8. Hubba Bubba (It's the Disneyland of Gum)

7. Gum Shoe (why don't we call them that anymore?)

6. Juicy Fruit (Best selling gum in the known universe. Lasts for about 2 minutes so you never get tired of it.)

5. Gum Arabic (we use this in so many things, from inks to glues to foods it's GUM ARABIC)

4. Stride Gum Fruit Flavor (It's yummy and lasts a good 5 minutes longer than conventional gum)

3. Gum Stimulator (This sounds so much more fun than it is. This was a great replacement for Flossing your teeth. all it did was stimulate your gums and kept the tasty bit of leftover food where it belongs. FLOSS!)

2. Gum Ball (Thanks for the Gumball Popeye!)

1. Adams Gum (They were the first, Wrigleys was a copy. The first Commercial chicle gum invented after Adams failed to make a better automobile tire. ! Yay)

There it is, I hope you like it.


Monday, January 21, 2008

The conundrum of freedom and a free society and Quantum Physics

I've had an HD tv for over a year now, I have recently found out that just because you have HD tv doesn't mean you are getting HD signals. I was so happy with the TV in general that I was unaware that I could have more. Two weeks ago I got a 10 dollar antenna that would give me HD channels that I was previously not getting. I plugged it in and was amazed at the picture I was then receiving. I noticed that people that are on TV in HD can not hide behind their makeup anymore, but aside from that, it is an amazing picture that I now enjoy.

So on my new channels, there was channel 7-2 that had an interesting documentary about how America as a first truly free society has inadvertantly created the saddest people.

This brings me to my thought. If it weren't for the realization that I could have a better TV picture with the purchase of an antenna, I would not have the better picture that I then used to watch the program to tell me that I'm probably sadder as a result of my wanting to get a better picture. Woah...

This brings me to my next thought. This kind of thinking, the kind where you blame a prior event for a following event. Such as: assume i get a call on the way to a destination from someone that asks me to change my planned route in order to do them a favor. At that point, if anything happens during that trip that is bad, I can then blame the person that changed my course for any and all dammage I sustained from my bad experiences. Some people take this a long way, and then of course to the absurd. If you're parents never met, you woudln't have been able to loan me the money I needed for my wildly successful business, so instead of giving you a gift, I'll give your mom and dad a gift. Then there is the other side of it. If nothing happens during your altered course, did you avoid a tragedy that would have befallen you? This happens in stories often. Had my mother not made me stop and get her her medication, I would not have missed my flight, and I would have been dead when It crashed. Wild.

This brings me to my final thought. If you're unaware of the theories of quantum physics, I'll tell you one of the theories. It concerns the state of sub atomic particles. Lets say that these particles are like little light switches. They can be ON or OFF. According to this theory, the light switch doesn't decide wether or not it's ON or OFF until it's observed being one or the other. This example is brought forth in the Schrödinger's cat example. According to this example, This cat is in a box unseen by people and the box has a sub atomic particle attached to a canister of poison gas in the box that will kill the cat. As long as the particle is not observed, the cat is neither alive or dead but dependent on the state of the particle. Once someone looks in the box, The particle then decides what to be and either sets off the gas, or doesn't. It's this theory that some people think means there are many different realities and every possible outcome of the choices in your life continually alter the reality you are in. Pretty heavy I know, but that means that in my prior thought, I missed my flight, but in a different reality I blew up on a plane. Which means, that you really can't blame prior events for current consequences because both outcomes occurred.

I was happy with my TV before I knew the HD channels were there, but now I am even happier that I have them. Should I now get more HD programming via Cable or Satellite? Hmmm...

Sunday, January 6, 2008


It seems in our society that diversions are more and more what people are concerned with. Diversions even from your diversions. Look at Cellphones for example. The ULTIMATE diversion. Thanks to cellphones, we can ignore the people we are talking to in order to talk to other people. Why do we talk to them? So we can establish a date and time that we can talk to them further. In the mean time, our cellphones must have interesting ring tones or little games. The games are there to divert you from your calls I assume.

Interestingly enough, they say that cellphones are costing us time instead of saving us time. There are certain people in my life that I used to laugh at because I felt that they were trying so hard to show everyone how important they were with their 'productivity' etc, that I would mock them to the point of scorn. Now it seems they have found the because so many people are talking on their cellphones while they drive, that they drive slower and yet more dangerously. Terrific. In their hurry to be the most efficient, not only are they NOT, but they are causing us all to be less efficient. I would rather get to my location quickly than 'take care of business' on the way there and have it be slower.

What ever happened to doing one thing at one time? Multi-tasking. there is a product of our evident divertive nature. Employers now want MULTI-TASKERS. This is the biggest laugh since phrenology. NOBODY can multitask. We can switch (divert) from task to task quickly. But that is not multi tasking. Semantics you say? I would think that it is obvious that if you direct all of your resources at one problem or task, you could resolve that task quicker and with less error than if you split your resources between several. Thanks to this constant desire to take my attention away from whatever task at hand that I may have, I now am to try to make it look like I can do two things at once, when really I can't.

I think that I'm going to try to not use my cellphone in tandem with any other activity. I think it will make my life just a little simpler.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's a new year, and more specifically it has been for 2 whole days.

I have a new year tradition in my house that we all make our top 10 predictions and then see how good we are at being psychic. Since I've already made my top 10 predictions for my household. These predictions will be more general in nature.

Top 10 Predictions

1. Hanna Montana will be arrested for some kind of partying charge
2. Madonna will try to come back and re-invent herself again this time as a librarian
3. Mit and Hillary win their respective parties nominations. WOW what a race.
4. Terrorists hit Disneyland (i hate this prediction)
5. War with Iran (How much of this can we take?)
6. Aliens finally make themselves known to the public
7. 2012 fever starts to really take hold. It's the new Millennium end of days kind of thing
8. New drug takes hold on the streets, don't know what it is, but it's new and impossible to stop
9. Brittney Spears tries again to produce a new album and regain her old glitter. *sigh*
10. Dead Pool: Clint Eastwood, Nancy Reagan, Dick VanDyke, Don Knotts, Angela Landsbury.
Note: Some of these people may already be dead. If so, I'm already ahead of the game!

That's it, I'm sure they will all come true.

See ya!

Wierd Dream

This one wont mean much. The fact is, it won't mean anything at all. Yet it was such a strange dream that I have to write it down so I can piece it together.

The Dream

I dreamed I was at a funeral for someone and it was at a hospital. The hospital was like some kind of cruise ship. Somehow I could tell this from the elevator. I was there with a girl that is a friend, though I never actually saw her in the dream. There was some kind of device like a cellphone present but it didn't appear to have anything to do with the surroundings. I didn't know the dude that i was at the funeral for. I was taking a day off of work to go to this funeral. So I am watching as the funeral hasn't started and the casket is still open. I can see the head of a large man, but all of his features look cartoonish. I can also tell that he really has a blue tinge to his skin. I start talking to someone and all of the sudden the casket raises up off the ground with some kind of hydraulic lift and throws the corpse into the open elevator. His large stature is obvious and he blocks the door from shutting. There is mayhem everywhere, but nobody wants to touch the body. Now he looks completely blue and the casket slowly falls back to its normal place. At this point I start to leave and find myself suddenly in a car driving away.

This dream isn't all that bizarre, but it was one of those dreams that was so vivid that I had to write it down. Since there are precious few people that read this blog, I figured it was safe to put it here.

A lot of people put a lot of stock into dreams. Dreams are often thought of as the most basic clairvoyant device. Everyone has a dream now and again that seems to have particular significance in their lives and therefore MUST BE FROM GOD. Like most prophecies, dreams show little significance until we can apply it to the events of our life. Once we find something that even remotely aligns itself with the dream, we can self-affirm that the dream had some importance.

I tend to believe that dreams are your mental computers way of clearing out information from your brain that isn't particularly well organized and while it's doing this task we rise to semi-consciousness. As a result our thinking brain tries to make sense of the images that are flashing around and puts them into as much of a coherent story as possible so you can try to understand it. It doesn't mean anything more than you woke up while your background processes were running.