Sunday, January 6, 2008


It seems in our society that diversions are more and more what people are concerned with. Diversions even from your diversions. Look at Cellphones for example. The ULTIMATE diversion. Thanks to cellphones, we can ignore the people we are talking to in order to talk to other people. Why do we talk to them? So we can establish a date and time that we can talk to them further. In the mean time, our cellphones must have interesting ring tones or little games. The games are there to divert you from your calls I assume.

Interestingly enough, they say that cellphones are costing us time instead of saving us time. There are certain people in my life that I used to laugh at because I felt that they were trying so hard to show everyone how important they were with their 'productivity' etc, that I would mock them to the point of scorn. Now it seems they have found the because so many people are talking on their cellphones while they drive, that they drive slower and yet more dangerously. Terrific. In their hurry to be the most efficient, not only are they NOT, but they are causing us all to be less efficient. I would rather get to my location quickly than 'take care of business' on the way there and have it be slower.

What ever happened to doing one thing at one time? Multi-tasking. there is a product of our evident divertive nature. Employers now want MULTI-TASKERS. This is the biggest laugh since phrenology. NOBODY can multitask. We can switch (divert) from task to task quickly. But that is not multi tasking. Semantics you say? I would think that it is obvious that if you direct all of your resources at one problem or task, you could resolve that task quicker and with less error than if you split your resources between several. Thanks to this constant desire to take my attention away from whatever task at hand that I may have, I now am to try to make it look like I can do two things at once, when really I can't.

I think that I'm going to try to not use my cellphone in tandem with any other activity. I think it will make my life just a little simpler.

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