Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wierd Dream

This one wont mean much. The fact is, it won't mean anything at all. Yet it was such a strange dream that I have to write it down so I can piece it together.

The Dream

I dreamed I was at a funeral for someone and it was at a hospital. The hospital was like some kind of cruise ship. Somehow I could tell this from the elevator. I was there with a girl that is a friend, though I never actually saw her in the dream. There was some kind of device like a cellphone present but it didn't appear to have anything to do with the surroundings. I didn't know the dude that i was at the funeral for. I was taking a day off of work to go to this funeral. So I am watching as the funeral hasn't started and the casket is still open. I can see the head of a large man, but all of his features look cartoonish. I can also tell that he really has a blue tinge to his skin. I start talking to someone and all of the sudden the casket raises up off the ground with some kind of hydraulic lift and throws the corpse into the open elevator. His large stature is obvious and he blocks the door from shutting. There is mayhem everywhere, but nobody wants to touch the body. Now he looks completely blue and the casket slowly falls back to its normal place. At this point I start to leave and find myself suddenly in a car driving away.

This dream isn't all that bizarre, but it was one of those dreams that was so vivid that I had to write it down. Since there are precious few people that read this blog, I figured it was safe to put it here.

A lot of people put a lot of stock into dreams. Dreams are often thought of as the most basic clairvoyant device. Everyone has a dream now and again that seems to have particular significance in their lives and therefore MUST BE FROM GOD. Like most prophecies, dreams show little significance until we can apply it to the events of our life. Once we find something that even remotely aligns itself with the dream, we can self-affirm that the dream had some importance.

I tend to believe that dreams are your mental computers way of clearing out information from your brain that isn't particularly well organized and while it's doing this task we rise to semi-consciousness. As a result our thinking brain tries to make sense of the images that are flashing around and puts them into as much of a coherent story as possible so you can try to understand it. It doesn't mean anything more than you woke up while your background processes were running.

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