Monday, February 4, 2008

Top 5 Underdogs / Top 5 reasons we love underdogs

So after watching New York play spoiler to the perfect year that was going to be the Patriots legacy, I started thinking about what it is about underdogs that we love. The last time I sided with the winner was when I was 6 and saw my dad watching a football game and he asked me who I was rooting for and I said 'I dunno, who's winning?'. Coming up with 5 underdogs was easy. Coming up with 5 reasons to like them was easy as well. 10 of either proved to be too difficult so I didn't go that far.

Top 5 Underdogs:

5. The New York Giants (just because they are the latest, next year they won't even be considered)

4. Karate Kid. Yes with Mr. Myagi's help, even you could overcome years of training with some secrets of the Orient.

3. Rushmore. Broadway quality productions that go unappreciated. A loser anyone could love.

2. My Bodyguard. 2 different fights, on 2 different levels. This film has it all. 2 Underdogs for the price of one!

1. YOU (You know who you are. Most of us consider ourselves the underdog. If you don't, see Number 1 of the 2nd section)

Top 5 reasons for liking Underdogs

5. Because we don't like overcats? (I know I know, but I like the picture of the fighting cats.)

4. Because we bet on them for the odds. even money? for those bums? Never in a million years! 5-1 odds you say? I'll take that bet!

3. Because we hate Simon Bar Sinister (you knew this one was coming and if you didn't, look up Underdog on the Internet )

2. Because we hate the stupid overachievers no matter who they are!

1. Because losers that win sometimes are a lot more like us than winners that lose sometimes.

Loser that's a Winner

Winner That's a Loser

There it is. I hope you've enjoyed it. Remember, I'm rooting for you ;)

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Scoops Mangum said...

Any post that references Mr. Myagi, Rushmore and Simon Bar Sinister is a good one in my book! Excellent work sir! Trying to get a hold of Dashner for Friday. If he can't go, we can grab my Galvan.