Wednesday, June 30, 2010

top 10 quotes said by me

This blog is not about me, but rather my views on just about everything I can think of. It's a way to clear my mind. This blog post will be my top 10 quotes said by me. So it is really only about me.  I figured that my birthday was last week and as such I will indulge myself by writing about me.  It's not really much of an indulgence you see, I see myself on a regular basis.  I'm privy to all of my private hopes and dreams.  I've pretty much already plumbed my remarkably shallow depths.  But in this case I will let you in on a slice of me.  We'll get back to our regularly scheduled blog in another 14 days or so.

People that know me in real life would probably say that I have the gift of gab. That of course is putting it in as kind a terms as possible. The truth is that I probably don't know when to shut up. I usually have an answer/opinion on everything and for whatever reason I believe that not my opinion, but rather the way I phrase it would be interesting to people. I know that it likely isn't, but it doesn't stop me from offering it all the same. You would think this blog would be enough for me, but, alas, it isn't.  The following represent what I think are the more clever turns of phrase I have originated. If they were said by someone else, I didn't hear them and for all I know, it is originally me that said it.

Some of these could be good catch phrases and others can really only stand to be aired out once every 10 years or so.

I present the top 10 quotes said by me

1.  Without faith any miracle is just a coincidence and with faith any coincidence is a miracle.  -  Fairly obvious, but I believe it works in both directions.  If you say it this way, it seems to support coincidence.  Reverse the order and it appears to support faith.   Really one of my best.  I've said it often.  To me it's so obvious that I'm sure that someone else has already said it, but fortunately for my tender ego, I don't know who they are or when they said it.  So I am the coiner of this phrase as far as I know.  I guess the picture is supposed to be the ghost of Michael Jackson appearing on the hood of a car.  sweet.

2.  Money is only good after it's spent - A youthful realization.   I suddenly realized that we can exchange a piece of paper with a number on it for a loaf of bread and a transformer action figure.  What did we give for this bounty?  just a piece of paper.  Or better yet, nothing.  We waved a piece of plastic at the clerk and just walked out with food and fun.  Sure, the more you save, the more you will buy LATER, but the truth is, you don't know how long you will live and there is little point in suffering now for a better tomorrow.  Yes, I believe in a rainy day fund and staying out of debt as much as possible, but once you have cleared most of your debt, it really is silly to not enjoy the fruits of your labors while the fruits are still ripe.  Say, that might be another quote right there...

3.  Silence is stupidity's greatest disguise - Often seen on my chat status, I find that this one phrase may be the most accurate description of my own claim to fame.  Once in a while I know when to keep my mouth shut.  It hasn't alway been so, and some would say it never has been.  I've found that my own ignorance stays blissfully hidden as long as I don't open my big yap.

4.  I've had enough and I haven't had much - said at the end of a day of work that was probably a little more than I wanted to take, it just seems to work.  It can also be said after a short conversation with an annoying person as well.  Best saved for walking out in the middle of a movie.  I've never used it for that, but the truth is, I've only walked out on one movie.  It was Tom Mix.  Starring Demi Moore's husband.

5.  Nobody is more creative than the person that doesn't have to do the work - Speaks for it'self and all of those people with 'great ideas'.  If you are a creative person (and all of us are to some extent) and you have been pressed to use your creative talents at the behest of someone else, it's interesting how quickly they turn into a critic of your work.  They say inane phrases like 'you know what would be interesting' and 'Lets think outside the box for a minute'  Yes, I do know what would be interesting and it has nothing to do with your thinking outside of your box.

6.  Age is a horrible price for wisdom.  -  The older I get the more I realize how true this is.  I won't grace this page with the amount of annual circuits around the sun I've taken since my introduction to this life,   But suffice it to say that I am getting older at roughly the same pace as the rest of the world.  Relativity would dictate that people that live on or around the equator live longer because they are traveling faster, which would be a great answer to why old people move to Florida.  Anyway, I've found that I know more about people and less about current trends.  Does this help me?  maybe, I'm not sure, it's involuntary.  Would I trade my age for my wisdom.  Probably.

7.  Facts and belief can not exist in the same room together - Once you know something for a fact, you don't need to believe it because you know it.  Seems to be obvious, but it's really not.  There are many people that believe in things and yet will labor their whole lives to prove them.  I think this is a big mistake.  Belief can never be replaced by knowledge and vice versa.  If you suddenly find yourself without something to believe in, find something new to believe in.  I've read it's good for you.  I don't really remember where, probably the Internet.

8.  variety is the spice of life, but consistency is the meat - I'm pretty sure the second half of that quote was on the original, but got lost in translation.  I think you don't need a lot of variety to spice your life.  But then again I don't like a lot of spice on my meals.  When people say the first part of this quote, they use it to excuse some kind of erratic behavior or to convince someone else to come out of their shell in order to enjoy something.  If you don't try new things but seldom, then you are pleased with what you are already doing and don't need that 'spice'.  If you ate steak and a-1 in the same proportions,  I think it would ruin the taste of both.

9.  The most annoying person in the world is the person that hasn't been a hypocrite for a while. - We are all hypocrites.  Most of the time.  For some reason as soon as we become less of a hypocrite, we think we can start calling everyone else on the carpet.  I really try not to do this, but of course I fail because I am human and I suspect I will remain such until I die and show up as something else having little or no memory of my prior life.

10.  Just because someone is a hypocrite doesn't mean they can't tell the truth.  -  I just realized that since we are all hypocrites that it doesn't preclude us from telling the truth.  It's not really an argument against the truth if the messenger is not following it himself.  Truth will stand on it's own.  It needs no support and no advertising.  This becomes even more interesting when applied to politics.  It seems that as soon as a politician becomes exposed as a hypocrite, that politician has lost all credibility.  I think it's just enjoyable for us as humans to see another human rise and fail.  It makes us feel better about our brief existence on this flying rock.

Well, now I guess I gotta start saying other things cuz I've let my best out of the bag.  Or maybe I should just shut up for once.

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