Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 real names for fireworks

The 4th of July has just passed.  What it lacks in patriotism it more than makes up for in fireworks.  I don't mind fireworks, but some people down-right love EM.  The thing I've noticed about fireworks is they are all named things like 'Fantastic Firebird','Shower of Jewels'.  I realized that there should be much better names for these things.  In this rare instance, I believe no other explanation is necessary.

10.  Missing Finger

9.  Who lit the cat?

8.  Same as the other ones.

7.  3rd degree burns

6.  JAFO.  Just Another FOuntain

5.  Ringing in the Ears

4.  Dud

3.  Money to burn

2.  Emergency Room.

1.  I don't think that was us officer.

A different look.  I'll be back to regular format next time.   Assuming there IS a next time.  Thanks for reading!

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