Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Red Things

Red is quite a color.  We associate red with all kinds of things that red has nothing to do with.  I don't exactly know why, but we do it.  Other things are the very essence of red because that's the way they happen.  It's become so obvious that I've run out of material, that I'm writing about colors now.

10.  Communism - It's them Ruskies!  The Chinese!  Seems like the communists love red.  In fact, for a long time we called them Reds.  Why?  I'm not really sure.  It seems that the original Reds were the Soviet Union who had a real love affair with red long before the communists took over.  Better dead than red and all that.

9. First Aid - The RED cross.  First aid kits everywhere.  Even in video games more often than not little red crosses accompany your impending health.  Boxes of bandages and ointments all bear the universal symbol of healing.  Sometimes they are green, but red came first.  Green just horned in later.

8. Rage - Seems like when you really get your ire up there is a term for it:  Seeing red.  Seeing red also seems to be related to the bull really hating the color red.  I don't think that's particularly true.  But in the cartoon world red will bring the snap judgments of a bull right to your doorstep.  A bull full of RAGE.  It might be the color of high blood pressure too.

7. Embarrassment - Red in the face is different than seeing red.  They see the red in you.  Your face flushes with blood and you feel embarrassed.  Apparently it's that devil adrenaline that causes most of the trouble.  Once you get that squeeze of adrenaline, your blood rate goes up and your face flushes.  This shouldn't be confused with the red face of the drunk.  They aren't embarrassed until later.

6. Candy Apple - Sure, there are other fruits that also have red in them, but candy apple seems to also be the color of car paint that has a great bit of appeal.  Naturally, it's the color of red that is a candy apple.  Not my favorite, but caramel apple doesn't really find it's way to this list.  The funny thing is, if you say candy apple people naturally think 'RED'.

5. 5$ - Many of my blogs tend to find their way back to the Casino.  In this case, it's nearly universal to every casino everywhere.  If you have a 5 dollar chip or check, that color is red.  It might be trimmed with other colors, but it is going to be red.

4. Errors - In the computer world, you won't get very far in your career as a programmer without finding errors.  If they have colors, those colors are usually red.  Nearly any other system that alerts its users of errors will alert them with the color of red.

3. STOP - Red is a universal color for halting your motion.  Green of course means go.  Once again, I don't really know why.  But since Christmas is both red and green, it seems to be appropriate because everyone is in a hurry but everyone is stopped.

2. Blood - The thing that keeps us alive.  It supplies oxygen to our brains and moves energy to our muscles.  It rebuilds our injuries and it feeds vampires.  Blood is said to be blue or even purple.  Not so.  It's always red.  Blood red.

1. Fire Engines/Paramedics - Now I've heard that in some places those vehicles are a fluorescent yellow or green because it stands out more.  Probably because regular cars are often the aforementioned candy apple.  It seems that Fire Engines are also a named color of red, and I've only seen red fire engines lately.

Well, there's a bunch of red stuff.  Sorry this one was late, but my interwebs were not webbing properly.  Probably the NSA adding exploits to my cable modem.

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