Sunday, June 15, 2014

10 little bits of good luck

I don't believe in luck.  It doesn't make any sense.  On the other hand, when it happens?  I very much believe in it.  Why?  Because really I'm not that bright.  Even when I'm believing in bad luck, my thinking brain is screaming "Hey, Idiot!, There is no such things as luck!".  The observation of a sequence of events by a reasoning individual creates the perception of luck or bad luck.  There is no such thing.  When it comes to bad luck Murphy's law covers it; If anything bad can happen, it will happen, and at the worst possible time.  I would like to offer a counter to that phrase.  I call it Mark's axiom.  If anything that could be construed as luck does occur, you will not recognize it. That's why I've made this week's list.  It will help you recognize those little bits of luck that happen.

10.  Hey the socks match! - You are doing the laundry.  In this modern age, the actual washing of the clothes is not really that big a deal. Even if you have done laundry once (or in my case twice) you quickly learn that the most difficult and arduous part is the sorting.  In the sorting the worst part is the socks.  Well, every so often, you do the sorting and BING!  The first 2 socks you pull out are a match!

9.  Exact Change, perfect - In any given pocket there are the leftovers of purchases past.  The change.  The coins you didn't care much about really.  Something along 38 cents.  You go to buy something and the total cost happens to be exactly what you have in your pocket!  nice.

8.  Found money! - You put on those old work pants from a few months ago to just run out and get the mail.  Wait a minute!  There's 10 bucks in the back pocket!  Now some people would tell you that you didn't get any money you didn't already have, but if you didn't remember it, it's new money.  You certainly can't spend money that's stuck in a pair of pants in the back of a drawer.  Oh it's good luck.  Word to the wise.  stuffing pockets with money just so you can find it later isn't really a wise investment strategy.

7.  The Junk Drawer - We all have one.  It's the junk drawer.  It's often the drawer of last resort.  Usually you will have in this drawer: Paperclips, twist-ties, non-working pens, pencils with no erasers, 3 pairs of scissors and the odds and ends of life.  They should change the name of this drawer to the good luck taken for granted drawer.  It really has 90% of everything you need in a pinch.

6.  Just in the nick of time! - Everyone complains about hitting all the stop lights.  Happens plenty.  What doesn't happen often is not hitting any traffic light, but it happens sometimes.  Often, you don't even notice.

5.  That was close! - I'm no whiz in the kitchen.  That's actually an understatement.  I don't do much of anything in the kitchen except stack dishes once in a while.  I do, however, cut an apple for breakfast nearly every day.  Once in a while I will be distracted while I'm cutting my apple and I will nearly cut myself.  Now that is lucky.  Now this bit of luck doesn't just happen with knives, it happens any time you are using a tool in an unconventional manner.  Using that screwdriver to chip ice off of something.  Using those pliers as a hammer.

4.  It's my song! - You get in the car, turn it on.  and JUST as you hit the ignition, a song you really like is starting on the radio.    Super Lucky!  Time for a road trip to Vegas!

3.  Nice Shot! - You're cleaning up, you can see the trash can a ways off.  Well out of your range.  The truth is, you miss it 1/2 the time when it's right next to you.  But you haul off and throw.  Boom, you hit that shot like you are a first round draft pick.  You don't try again, because you aren't going to tempt fate.  But yeah, that's pretty lucky.

2.  They fit great! - In the days of the internet, you can buy nearly anything online.  The problem is, when it's clothes, will they fit?  When you take delivery of that Spider-man costume, you put it on to find that it's perfect!  Not a stitch out of place.  Well that's as it should be right?  Yeah,  Most of the time you are lucky if you get a bolt of cloth with a rubber band sewn into one side.  You were lucky.

1.   Just the right one. - You are fixing something at home.  You need a part for something you assume would only have one kind of part.  You go to the local hardware store. you find there are not only several, but several parts that look very much like the part you need with some slight differences.  You decide to pick the one rather than all the varieties and come back with the ones that don't work.  It's the right one.  Oh yeah, that's lucky.  So lucky, that you are better off taking a picture of the part you need to replace.

Thanks as always.  I appreciate it!

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