Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10 things 'LIKE' means in facebook

When I was younger, the word like had 3 meanings.  1.  I like something.  2.  I'm not in love with you.  3.  This indicates a simile.  i.e. 'She had a face like a serving dish'.  Thanks to facebook, like has myriad meanings, each based on the intent when you decide to go on the record to LIKE.  Enough in fact to populate one of my lists.

- Like - Sure, it's GOT to mean like in that you prefer it.  Short and sweet.  You see a post that resonates with you *click* and now you like it.

- I Support you - I like your effort in what you are about to do.  This is the smallest amount of support that you can give to someone that is running their first marathon, or doing some great thing that they are posting.  You probably don't really like it, because you aren't doing it yourself, but you are glad someone is.

- I may not agree but this is funny - Funny always gets a like because it's funny.  Once again, it might be a bit edgy and something you would never say or do yourself, but you find it funny so you like it to show your sense of humor.

- Dislike - This like is followed by an explanation that facebook doesn't have a dislike button so you have to now explain your like but disliking it.  For example a news report of a gas leak at a local animal shelter killed most of the inhabitants.  You like it but you don't.

- Congratulations - Double duty for those professing their love and announcing their nuptials online.  The like says congrats!  Also works for Graduations, diet successes, major awards, just about anything.

- Thanks - Someone comments on your comment and compliments your post, you like their compliment.  That says thanks for liking what I posted.

- Just another bit of data for Facebook - What we don't think about is what our like means to facebook.  To them each like gives them just a little bit more information about who you are and what you would likely respond to in the way of advertising.  Every like adds up to you!

- Reciprocal Like - This one should be called Like-back because that's what you are doing.  This is liking what people have responded to your post.  Some people have a policy of liking everything that is replied unless they REALLY don't like it.  I go back and forth on that, I can't decide.  Sometimes I feel like discriminating to show the other people that I DIDN'T like their reply to me by liking everything around them.  It's more of a contrast thing.

- I feel sorry for you - Similar to the Dislike, the I feel sorry for you like usually surrounds bad vaguebook posting that indicates that the user has something bad or disappointing happening to them but they don't want to elaborate.  Their real intention of course is that the one person that does understand their vaguebook post will read it and feel bad.  Maybe bad enough to like it.

- I like everything - Some people don't want people to think they are jerks, so they like everything they are involved in.  Doesn't really matter what it is, it's getting a like.

So if you are a bit confused by the facebook.  I hope this helps.  If not.  This blog is like weather in Utah, if you don't like it, wait for about 15 days, and it will probably change.

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